What are the best IAS interview questions?

What are the best IAS interview questions?


  1. What do you want to become?
  2. Why do you want to join civil services?
  3. If you qualify for the Civil Services Examination, do you want to be?
  4. What will be your order of priority in life between money, family, love and success in the following? Why? Will you settle with each other?
  5. What will a career in civil services give you from above? Can you get them all?
  6. What if you do not qualify for civil services? Will you be able to get the above? Do you have a back up plan? Think about it.
  7. What makes you happy? What small things matter to you? Or are you eager for something great in your life and then become happy?
  8. Do you desire the service you want? Is your happiness dependent on your work?
  9. Can there be other sources of happiness? Think about it.
  10. Who is your role model? Which of his qualities motivate you?


  1. Are not you part of the problems that disappoint you? Think about it.
  2. What is the meaning of success?
  3. Are you successful today? Or the success of UPSC gives you the qualifications?
  4. Does your perception of happiness and happiness grow well with your conscience? Think about it.
  5. Looking at the opportunity to change one thing around you, what will you change?
  6. What motivates your inclination to change something?
  7. Do you need to change anything about yourself? What can that be? Think about it.
  8. Do you have any regrets in your past actions?
  9. What could have been done to avoid that mistake?
  10. What lessons have you received from that action?
  11. Which profession is the best in your opinion?
  12. Does the profession make great?
  13. Can a civil servant be great? how?
  14. Do you believe in God?
  15. Do you believe in God or do not believe?


  1. Why do not you become an ideal model for others? Is not this an attractive idea? Think about it.
  2. Have you ever inspired others with your actions? Try to remember any such incident from your life. Do not you want to repeat it?
  3. Generally, people try to follow some idols from the area in which they want to enter. For example, in an ambitious cricket, Sachin Tendulkar may be in the form of his idol, badminton player Saina Nehwal can respect. You are now an ambitious civil servant. Who is your idol from civil services? Do you also have one? Think about it.
  4. What should be your opinion like an ideal civil servant? Can you portray the image?
  5. Why do the civil servants become corrupt during your career in your opinion? Have you thought that this could happen to you too?
  6. Which incident has inspired you the most in your life? (This can be both personal or professional) Why?
  7. Have you ever inspired someone? What was the event?
  8. Who motivates you more, common people or famous personalities?
  9. What is frustrating for you as an Indian? Why?
  10. Do you have plans to change it? How will you do it?


  1. Can faith and reason be co-existant? what would you choose?
  2. What is your idea of ​​ideal life partner? What qualities should he have?
  3. Do you have those qualities before?
  4. What is your opinion about live-in relationship?
  5. What does ‘choice’ mean to you? Do you have control over the options you choose?
  6. Who influences your choices the most? Why?
  7. Do you have an impact on the choices made by others? Because of this you do not reduce the freedom of anybody?
  8. Which of your family members has influenced your personality the most? Is this your father, mother or brother?
  9. In what way does your personality reflect its effectiveness?
  10. Do we often play the role of family in our lives? Do you care enough for your family? Think about it.
  11. ​​What is your view of religion?
  12. Should a person be religious? Why?
  13. Are you religious? If so, why? If not, then why not?
  14. What are you worried about society today?
  15. Does it affect you?
  16. Have you done something to address it or to make changes?
  17. Can a person be honest in the present system?
  18. According to you, what factors are forced to join corrupt practices?
  19. Will you be able to practice honesty? how?
  20. Who is your favorite player?


  1. What qualities of that sportsperson fascinate you?
  2. How you tried to inculcate those qualities within yourself? What would you gain out of it?
  3. What does greatness mean to you?
  4. How can a person become great? What makes someone great- ideas or deeds?
  5. Have you done anything great in your life? Don’t you aspire to become a great person?
  6. What does ‘sense of service’ mean to you?
  7. Is having a ‘sense of service’ essential for human beings?
  8. How much significance do you accord to the ‘sense of service’ as a virtue of a civil servant?
  9. Why do people become corrupt when they acquire power?
  10. Would you get tempted towards corrupt practices once you join the Civil Services?
  11. How can you be so sure that power won’t corrupt you?
  12. Which political party do you support?
  13. Is your support based on perception or your own assessment of its ideology, vision roadmap?
  14. Will you be able to remain politically neutral when you join the Civil Services? Think about it.
  15. Are you honest person?
  16. What does honesty mean to you?
  17. Will you remain honest even if it harms someone’s life or image?
  18. Do you have a clear mind? Do you have clarity of purpose?
  19. A person who doesn’t have clarity of life and purpose fails to succeed. Have you ever thought that way? What can be its consequence?
  20. Why do people clutter their minds? Why having clarity is so difficult today? Think about it.
  21. What does truthfulness mean to you?  
  22. Have you been true to yourself and others?
  23. What can a truthful person achieve and lose in his life? Think about it.

What are the best IAS interview questions?
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